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  1. If you look closely at the hands in this photo there appears to be signals of distress.Gracie is holding her left hand down with her right hand indicating she has Arminian and Calvinistic views,The youngest child’s hands are in a praying position as if he is traumitized and being forced to have picture made (notice his mother’s left hand forcing him to sit still).Chadwick appears to be forcing his wife to pose for photo(note his right hand on her shoulder)and Chadwick is sending a hidden message with the two fingers of his left hand on son’s shoulder.Apparently it means (two more children)or two more minutes,or it could be an O.K. sign.However,it is a great picture,

  2. Chadwick,either up-date this sight or remove it.You may have a Rolex watch and I have a Timex but we both have the same amount of time.The Psalmist said, This is the day the Lord hath made….
    1.It is a “PRESENT DAY”Yesterday is gone.Tomorrow is not yet here.
    2.It is a “Prepared DAY”God made it.
    3.It IS A “Providential Day”God is in control.
    4It is a “PASSING DAY”It will soon be over.
    There are two things we can do with time.
    We can USE it or we can LOSE it.
    The Reformed movement awaits your words of wisdom.
    If not you,who?
    If not now,when?
    Bill Poore

  3. Brother Bill,

    I know I need to do better . . . you sound just like my former Arminian pastor 🙂 . . . I cannot do better . . . I am totally depraved!!!! especially in the blogosphere!

    . . . speaking of timepieces . . . I have a FAKE ROLEX! Does that count for anything? I used to keep it on my pulpit to remind me of falsehood & hypocrisy.

    I have to be really motivated to publish ANYTHING. I am still waiting on Dr. Curtis to finish proofing the manuscript. I will post the interview as soon as I get his approval.


  4. Pastor Chadwick,

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll — I’m honored! Sorry to message you for this, but couldn’t find an e-mail address on your site. I first found your site when you blogged about Bill Curtis (my pastor) and have enjoyed reading since then. Keep up the good work!


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