About Chadwick Ivester

Former Rodeo Cowboy

Chadwick is a former rodeo cowboy; he competed for 8 years on the IPRA circuit. (Chadwick finished 9th in the world in IPRA Bareback Bronc Riding- 1997; 15th in world in 1998). The LORD plucked Chadwick from the fires of hell after He saved him from a horrific rodeo crash (July 4th, 1992). Chadwick has never been the same since! The LORD, by His sovereign grace, saved Chadwick from the tyranny of the devil. Chadwick is married to Tina; they have four wonderful children. Chadwick received his Associate’s Degree in Business Administration (1993), from Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC. He received his Theological education from Fruitland Baptist Bible College (2001), Hendersonville, NC. He has written for the Biblical Recorder (SS Commentary- Summer & Fall 2005). Chadwick loves to write! He has successfully pastored three churches over the course of nearly 20 years, with a stellar and proven track record.

7 thoughts on “About Chadwick Ivester

  1. My comments.. simply this AMEN ad infinitum…..

    Just this morning while preparing a Woman’s Bible study on the book of Colossians… I did not get past Verse 1.. the Lord led me to lay the foundation for Pauls authority to teach and how we must beware of false teaching. The scripture is clear that woman are more easily influenced and thus must take care of the logos and pathos of their “teachers”

    Grace to you

    Cindy Bailey
    Powhatan VA

  2. Chad,

    I am glad to see everything is going well for you. I was in the area of fruitland the other week and I remembered those days in the pit. I am glad the Lord has brought you a long way. Take care and God bless and I hope we can get in contact soon.

    SPC Charles Myers
    HHC 151 Signal Battalion
    “USACHCS Leads the way”
    “For God and Country”

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  4. hello Chad. Fancy me seeing you on the Google search engine. Glad to see you and Tina are doing well… your children are certainly growing up! So are mine! I am the youth and education Pastor here at Pisgah Forest Baptist Church now. I would love to hear back from you. Your email address changed here a while back and I haven’t been able to mail u since. Take care and God bless!

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Parker

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  6. When will we hear from Chadwick again? Seven days without a post from Cowboy makes one W-E-A-K!!!
    Why does Chadwick always wear that white polo church when a picture is made…same shirt…with John Piper in Spartanburg,S.C.Is white his colour?Is Chadwick a “Pipet?
    Why did Chadwick ride only Bareback Broncs(little ponies)and not Brama bulls in his rodeo days?Is he a “girly man?”
    Just wondering,

  7. Dear Mr. Chadwick,

    I do not drink to drunkenness any more as I am getting older and want to live a while longer while being healthy. That’s something you do when young.

    I have no idea what sexual immorality is in your country, but in mine it sure is not immoral to use the legal services of prostitutes if you are a single person and not in a relationship with anyone, as I am.

    Psychotherapists use the common knowledge that cursing has a liberating and cleansing effect on the human psyche, thus I do it.

    I do not lie to anyone; it doesn’t make my life easier but clearer.

    I do not steal because I would not accept someone else stealing from me. On the opposite, I give to friends who have less than I do.

    I never had idols as I am my own.

    I do all this out of my own free will, and I feel great, laid back and healthy.

    Greetings from Europe

    Your W. Schmidt, atheist

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